Summit Ridge Studio

Hand painted watercolor mapsCustom watercolor maps

I collect maps and I love to paint them as personalized art. Now days, all maps are done digitally. Summit Ridge Studio, the artist, Anne E. McGraw, hand paints custom watercolor maps. I paint real scale maps, abstract, and anything personalized or custom. Maps are a beautiful way to remember past lived cities or states. They are both educational and nostalgic. Create a custom wedding gift with a hand painted map of you and your partners birth towns and frame it with a wedding or anniversary photo. Celebrate the town you were married and your honeymoon location and frame it all together with that special wedding photo. Create a gallery wall full of places you have traveled.  Give a custom watercolor map as a surprise destination announcement. Commission a special piece of art that is meaningful to you and your loved ones. Or just collect maps because you love them like I do.

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