AnneMapPortraitSummit Ridge Studio is the work of artist and designer Anne E. McGraw. After living in Mississippi for 30+ years, I now live and paint in Denver, Colorado.

I started to paint maps after college with a degree in Architecture from Mississippi State University. I studied abroad in England and painted a map to remember my travels and fond times. After moving to Colorado, I painted a map of Mississippi.

In 2009, I began selling my maps online and in stores as others loved my style of watercolor and the shared fondness for maps.  I specialize in custom watercolor maps and have sold many paintings on commission.  My customers purchase my paintings and prints as gifts for weddings,  anniversaries, birthdays, family genealogy, new homeowners, and the wanderlust traveler. The color palette comes from  old vintage sepia photographs, blueprints, and etchings of old style maps. Each watercolor block is hand painted without any masking fluid leaving the white of the paper untouched. The hand painted imperfections and vintage color palette gives new life to an old world style and is perfect for a modern industrial style to a traditional cottage chic decor.

Interested in creating your own custom painted map
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