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by AnneEMcGraw on November 17, 2010, no comments

I had the great pleasure to create two custom orders for clients  recently.

The first was this woodland green ombre coffee can cozy set.

The client wanted a specific ombre colorway and asked for one of the cozies to be taller so she could use it in the kitchen for a utensil canister.

I think it turned out great!

Woodland Ombre Cozy Set

Custom Woodland Ombre Cozy Set

French Market Cafe Painted Wood Sign

French Market Cafe Painted Wood Sign

The second was based on this hand painted wooden distressed sign I made seen here and available here.

The client requested a specific phrase and size of the wood.

The sign was for her mother and although I didn’t know the specific reference of the phrase I knew it had a special meaning to her family.

Because of the size of the sign she requested I was worried there would be a empty space below the letters, so I suggested a established date that would have some meaning to the family.

You can see the results below.

Hand painted distressed wood sign

Custom order hand painted wood sign

Custom order hand painted wood sign

Custom order hand painted wood sign

There is still time to ask for a custom painting for a Christmas gift!

You can look through what I have for sale on my Etsy shop, my Art Gallery, or here on my website for ideas.

Payment plans are available!  You can afford a great gift that will last a lifetime for the price of a latte/day!

Think about it.

Send me an email (anneemcgraw!at! or comment below.

Update: I didn’t realize that the latest client had given me feedback when I wrote this post.  So I am going to add the positive feedback below.

Custom order feedback

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