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Crochet and Knit designs

Crochet Rug for Rustic Interior Design

by AnneEMcGraw on December 24, 2010, no comments

I love the farmhouse, rustic, cabin in the woods decor.  I think that is a lot of what my new ‘Summit Ridge’ branding is all about. I just finished a new crochet rug for the shop. Made of  100% virgin moth proofed vintage wool yarn that I acquired through a swap.  Crocheted, two strands of […]

December to remember

by AnneEMcGraw on December 17, 2010, no comments

It’s only midway through and I am so happy to share that my December is one to remember. I had a custom oil painting order which I can only reveal after the Holidays. 🙂 And I sold lots of great work that was ready made and ready to ship.  Customer comments are so positive and […]

Holiday Sale on Etsy

by AnneEMcGraw on December 1, 2010, no comments

Starting today and through the entire month of December, I am having a Holiday Sale in my Etsy shop. If you were on the fence about getting a gift for yourself or your loved one, now is the perfect time to shop! Enter HolidaySale15 upon checkout and you will get 15% off! This is a […]

Custom Orders

by AnneEMcGraw on November 17, 2010, no comments

I had the great pleasure to create two custom orders for clients  recently. The first was this woodland green ombre coffee can cozy set. The client wanted a specific ombre colorway and asked for one of the cozies to be taller so she could use it in the kitchen for a utensil canister. I think […]

Crochet for Fair Trade

by AnneEMcGraw on November 9, 2010, no comments

I love crochet (and knitting). It’s a perfect combination of math and craft. The craft is very underestimated in both the time involved and the cost of quality. It’s very easy to go to Target or Walmart and purchase a hat or gloves that some 12 year old child in China got paid pennies to […]

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